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Risk Analysis and Problem Solving.

My natural strength is finding the problems with anything.

Once each problem can be identified, assessed, and ultimately reduced. I enjoy the challenge of analyzing the symptoms, identifying what is wrong, and finding the solution.

Ever since I was little kid, when presented with anything, my first thought is "well, the problem is…" When I read "Now Find Your Strengths" by Marcus Buckingham, the book confirmed that find problems is indeed how I am wired, and I started to see how my strength is a benefit.

Which is why I started IM Home Inspections

In the book "Good to Great" by Jim Collins, Collins explains how greatness in business comes from getting the right people on the bus, and putting these people in the right seat where they can use their natural abilities. My seat is the problem finder, and from there, the problem solver.

At No Red Tape Mortgage my strengths were put to work analyzing problem loans, identifying what the problem was, how the problem was created, what the solution was, and how to avoid this problem in the future, from simple paper work problems to complex issues like uncovering potential fraud. I performed in-depth analyses of credit reports, appraisals, insurance documents, title reports, tax documents, VOE, VOR, and other loan documents. From reading these documents, I could quickly see the big picture, and see where the problem was. Or in many cases, I could see how the loan was not a problem and explain why it was solid as is.

At DKP70MM-IMAX, my strengths were used by moving me from department to department to tackle whatever issue was most pressing at the time, from accounting to shipping logistics of sensitive material. Every department had its own database, and they did not easily talk to one another. I had to think on my feet, and figure out the quirks of each database to get the tasks completed as quickly as possible.

I have previously worked in four different music retail positions, I used my strength to upgrade merchandising displays, identify under-represented market segments, and tailor inventory to match wider customer demands.

More about Ian W Mayer

I have a degree in Business Administration with an option in Finance from California State University Los Angeles. In 2009 I returned to Cal State U Los Angeles and earned a Certification in Accounting. I also have a certification in Residential Underwriting from the Mortgage Bankers of America, and a certification as a Microsoft Certified Professional in Windows.

I am passionate about music. I have played drums in numerous bands, and I play a little bit of guitar, write songs, and have a home recording studio, running ProTools.

I love real estate, and am an avid do-it-yourself home repair kind of guy. I am learned in life and in business, many times you just have to do it yourself, and not be afraid to get your hands dirty.

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