Flipping and Inspecting

I find TV shows about flipping properties a source of endless amusement, as the cast of the shows often over look key points a home inspector would focus on.

I am particularly amused by the show “Flipping Vegas” where real estate investor Scott Yancey pushes his way through property flips, with his wife Amie constantly pressuring him to not be so cheap.

In a recent episode, Scott and Amie are nearly done with their flip when Scott thinks he hears something in the attic. I was flabbergasted that they bought a house and never looked in the attic. And more so, that they were about to turn around and sell this house to a buyer with no intention of looking in the attic!

The attic is, of course, vital to the structure of the house. It also generally contains the duct work for the heating and air conditioning, and insulation. Inspecting the attic may reveal evidence of leaks or infestations,  or other factors about the state of the house. To buy a house, or to sell a house, without looking attic is unfathomable to me.

The lesson being, even if you are buying a house that has just been remodeled and has designer touches, you still want to a hire a professional home inspector to go over your house from top to bottom.

Here are just two examples of the many things I have found while inspecting attics:


Broken roof board in attic



Broken vent pipe found in attic.

Broken vent pipe found in attic.

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