Rats do not like Organization

A problem I had to deal over the last several months was rats in my yard and garage. I learned a lot about rodents in the process of dealing with then, and I was stuck how rodents are similar to business rats (i.e. fraudsters), and they key to stopping both is organization.

As I have written before, most work place fraud is not committed by people who took their job with any intention of ever committing fraud. Fraud is a crime of opportunity. Rats are animals of opportunity.

  • Rats did not set out to invade my garage, they stumbled across the safety and food opportunities of my garage while exploring for a place to live.
  • Fraudsters do not set out to commit fraud, rather they stumble across a weakness in a company’s internal controls, and decide to take advantage of it.
  • Rats find the dark corridors of your home where they feel safe and out of view to do their dirty work.
  • Fraudsters find the dark corridors of your business system where they feel like they can get away with their dirty work without anyone noticing.
  • Setting traps in their path does not necessarily catch the rats, because they sense there is something in their path that was not there before, and learn to avoid this new trap, or just leave.
  • Setting new internal controls does not necessarily catch a fraudster, but because they will often notice the new control, they will most likely just stop committing fraud.

I never caught the rats in my garage. The only way I got rid of them was to take everything out of my garage, clean it, and put everything back.  The rats sensed everything was now different, and they simply left. As I pulled items out of my garage, I thought I had been well organized, but I noticed the areas behind boxes, and the corners where I had not previously noticed small bits of clutter. It occurred to me this was like so many offices I have seen, where the files look nice and organized, but behind the pretty front are unorganized files and weak internal controls, which provides opportunity for a potential fraudster to take advantage of an unorganized business.

The key to stopping rats in my garage was to be extremely organized and keep every aspect of my garage clean.
The key to stopping fraud in a business is to be extremely organized with internal controls to keep your business systems clean.
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7 Responses to Rats do not like Organization

    • Heru says:

      Thanks for the facdbeek Sam – regarding your point about writing down your passwords, you’re not alone in doing that! Have a look at our latest post ‘The online risks that people admit to …’; which shows that 10% of respondants to a recent Experian survey admit to writing down their PIN numbers or passwords. This is not a good idea as it makes it easier for a fraudster to access your personal details and potentially steal your identity. It can be hard to remember passwords, but our latest post has tips on how to create and manage them.The idea of a single unique identifier is something that is often mentioned, and one that has pros and cons. It is a relatively new concept and one that will probably need further research. In the meantime we hope the latest blog post answers some of your questions.

    • Miassar says:

      nice post auhsnl,that calculation were nice,but card are still secured to only some extent not fully.

  1. Eva says:

    This is itdicanive of the out of date security methods that banks & many other companies still employ. Why is information like your mother's maiden name, first school or place of birth considered in any way priviledged in this day and age?

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