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Strength or Weakness in Business: Are you a Belichick or a Martz?

Change in life happens. Employees come, employees go. Customers come, customers go. The business landscape evolves. It is usually imperative to evolve along. The question then becomes not just how to evolve, but how to evolve and thrive. In the … Continue reading

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Is Your Marketing Passive or Engaging?

I recently read the book “The 24 Hour Customer” by Adrain C. Ott. In the book, the author explains a phenomena¬†we all experience but perhaps do not realize. The human brain is so bombarded with advertising, that the brain has … Continue reading

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Rats do not like Organization

A problem I had to deal over the last several months was rats in my yard and garage. I learned a lot about rodents in the process of dealing with then, and I was stuck how rodents are similar to … Continue reading

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Repairing Sprinklers and Preventing Fraud

The other day I was fixing my sprinkler system in my front yard, and I started thinking about fraud. I have a thing for fraud. When reviewing mortgages, I always got a special tingle when I realized I was uncovering … Continue reading

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